Nothing sets the mood for a night of fun more than an amazing sex playlist, oh and maybe candles, a little assortment of sex toys and a bottle of sex lube!

We all find different types of music sex, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite sex playlists by music genre. Enjoy!

Top Hip Hop, R&B, Neo Soul & Soul Sex Playlists

We’ve curated some of our favourite hip hop, r&b and soul playlists. Here you’ll find everything from 90s r&b to modern bedroom hip hop hits to shake your ass & ride a dick to!

Birthday Sex

Slow Jams / R&B

90’s Slow Jams & 90s R&B

Top Rock Sex Playlists

Here are some of our top rock playlists to have sex to! You’ll find over over 100 great rock sex track to rock the bed to.

Rock Sex Playlist

Rock The Bed

Not An Emo Sex Playlist

Top Classical Sex Playlists

Classic Music for Sex

Classical Music For Sex

Top Pop Sex Playlists

Looking for the perfect playlist of pop & chill songs to have sex to? We’ve put together a list of our top pop sex playlist.

The Doing It Playlist

The Sex Playlist – Chill, R&B, Pop & Dance

Dream Pop for High & Sex

Top House & Dance Sex Playlists

Once you’ve had sex to house & dance music you just really can’t go back. Usually accompanied by great lighting & ‘party accessories’ house & dance sex playlist are perfect for a night full of pure hedonism. Orgasm magic!

Music For Sex

Hot Sex Playlist

Sex & Chill – Sensual Love Playlist

Drugs and Sex – Tech House

Ibiza Lounge Music – Deep House & Summer Chill

Top Reggae Sex Playlists

Reggae sex playlist can be the perfect soundtrack to a steamy and memorable night with your partner.

We have picked so of our Top Reggae Lovers Rock playlist for you to spice up the bedroom with:

Reggae / Lovers Rock

90s Reggae Lovers Rock

Dancehall Sex Playlist

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